Discover Geographic Features with Map of Mythflict!

Our Map of Mythflict is back with a second edition, and a promotional campaign! Discover real geography in a fantasy world by putting together a two-sided puzzle of our unique setting. Displaying 31 geographic features, the 285-piece puzzle is of a map both in a full color side and a more challenging side in black and white. Our puzzle is great for ages eight and up as a way to interact with a map that shows core map elements, and see what these features look like that are pulled from around our world. Send it with a student to their elementary class to use with others in small group, or enjoy it as an adult as a way to relax alone and immerse yourself away from distraction.

What’s more, we are also releasing a new shirt that pair well with discovery! Find A Place to Plot while wearing our new shirt.

We are offering a 15% discount now (07MAR19) until 14MAR19. Order your puzzle here and shirt here!

place plot shirt blue.JPG
place plot shirt green.JPG