Our Military Kids Partnership Announcement

We are partnered with a great non-profit, Our Military Kids! As partners do, I want to get the word out about the good things they do for the military community. So I've done two things. We expanded our product lineup (details below). I also spoke with SGT Eric Boeck of the Texas Army National Guard, about his experience with Our Military Kids!

Travis Blair: Hi, Eric! Could you tell me about the non-profit Our Military Kids, and how you heard about them?

Eric Boeck: It's a great program that my family and I were very appreciative to be able utilize! I heard about them through my chain of command while deployed to Afghanistan. It was too easy! We filled out the application, provided the necessary documents, and they made the process simple and smooth for my wife. We received the grant and the location we used it for was familiar with them and more than happy to cooperate. Too easy!

Travis: So it sounds like the process was easy and the program left a good impression upon your family. How did you use it? How did it benefit your family while you were deployed?

Eric: It enabled my daughter to enroll in gymnastics- something she really wanted to pursue but didn't fit into our budget.

Travis: I'm glad to hear Our Military Kids was there to assist your family while you were in Afghanistan. What would you say to families similar to yours that haven't heard of the organization?

Eric: Check it out! It's a great opportunity and it's a great way to honor your kids while they're enduring the state-side struggles of a deployment! Our families go through a lot during those times and they deserve to enjoy opportunities provided by organizations like Our Military Kids!

Travis: Thanks for speaking with me, Eric!

Eric: Glad I could help!

We donate 5% of all profits to Our Military Kids. In order to promote our partnership, we created a new product: the Love Those Who Serve decal!

Stick it to your car window, the back of your laptop, or wherever you want to show others that you love those who serve. Find it in our shop.