Our Story

Mission Statement

To make educational products and children's books for imaginative children, in order to promote learning through play. We do this in a rewarding environment for our creative team, by celebrating diverse skills and new ideas.



The platoon's intent is to create a variety of products that entertain children while they learn, with the benefit of bonding with their parents.



Our company pushes a positive perspective. We create products that tell stories, and inform the child while entertaining them with unique content.

How Story Elements Define Us

We try to tell a story with everything that we do. The elements of characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution are addressed throughout our product line and company.


We add personality to our products by creating approachable, age-appropriate characters. We also put our creative talent on our website so you know those responsible for the vibrant artwork. A platoon is a unit as strong as it is unified; it is diverse, cohesive, resourceful, and intentioned.



With members located coast to coast throughout the States as well as in Canada, our collective setting is united from varied outlooks.



We create fantastical products that exist in fictional places. Hearty Eggs Farm is our farm collection, with such products as The Knitting Chicken. Mythflict is our fantasy collection, that includes such products as the SpellCasters VS series and Map of Mythflict.


How do we reach our audience? This is our hurdle that we face with ambition.


Check our social media outlets for the ways we will be reaching out to our customers. Zarfling Platoon has more products in development, with launch announcements coming soon!