These are the talented illustrators and designers of Zarfling Platoon. Learn more about them to see what else they do!

David Buist 300 500.png

Dave Buist

Visual Storyteller: The Knitting Chicken

Likes: hockey, beer, terrible movies
Dislikes: sea food, coffee, pineapple on pizzas

PJ Day 300 500.png

PJ Day

Visual Storyteller: SpellCasters VS series

Likes: ice cream, creating music, Tasty Kakes cupcakes
Dislikes: squishy foods, laundry, unnecessary drama

Wouter Goedkoop 300 500.png

Wouter Goedkoop

Visual Storyteller: Map of Mythflict

Likes: cooking, beer, cinema
Dislikes: oysters, intolerance, laundry detergent commercials