About Us

Travis published his first children’s book, The Knitting Chicken, with illustrator David Buist. Shortly after, his son’s first grade teacher provided him a list of sight words to work on at home. He created a basic game to keep his son’s interest. That game helped his son retain the sight words and improved his reading score! Working with art designer PJ Day, Travis created the SpellCasters VS series as a way for other kids to improve their reading abilities. Shortly after, The Knitting Chicken was returned after its publisher shut down. With a children’s book needing a home and a new educational game series, Zarfling Platoon was created!

What is a Zarfling?

A Middle Eastern word for what was originally made of ornamental metal, a zarf is a holder for a coffee cup without a handle. Today you know it as that cardboard sleeve allowing you to hold your hot cup of joe! After leaving ten years of service to the US Army and before joining the Texas Army National Guard, Travis turned to writing in late night coffee shops around Austin as a way to find that purpose that so many veterans seek. We Zarflings create books and games to deliver entertainment and education to children, to enjoy whether at home or in classrooms.


Travis Blair - Founder

Likes: mustard, yard work, cold brew coffee
Dislikes: raw onions, pennies, mismatched socks


Dave Buist - Chief Eggsperience Officer

Likes: hockey, beer, terrible movies
Dislikes: sea food, coffee, pineapple on pizzas


PJ Day - Chief Lore Officer

Likes: ice cream, creating music, Tasty Kakes cupcakes
Dislikes: squishy foods, laundry, unnecessary drama


Wouter Goedkoop - Cartographer

Likes: cooking, beer, cinema
Dislikes: oysters, intolerance, laundry detergent commercials



Likes: surfing, reading, mechanical pencils
Dislikes: mushy avocados, centipedes, skiing in the rain